Chapter 12 – Offences, Penalties And Procedure

Section 101 – Meaning of applying trade marks and trade descriptions

Section 102 – Falsifying and falsely applying trade marks

Section 103 – Penalty for applying false trade marks, trade descriptions, etc.

Section 104 – Penalty for selling goods or providing services to which false trade mark or false trade description is applied

Section 105 – Enhanced penalty on second or subsequent conviction

Section 106 – Penalty for removing piece goods, etc., contrary to section 81

Section 107 – Penalty for falsely representing a trade mark as registered

Section 108 – Penalty for improperly describing a place of business as connected with the Trade Marks Office

Section 109 – Penalty for falsification of entries in the register

Section 110 – No offence in certain cases

Section 111 – Forfeiture of goods

Section 112 – Exemption of certain persons employed in ordinary course of business

Section 113 – Procedure where invalidity of registration is pleaded by the accused

Section 114 – Offences by companies

Section 115 – Cognizance of certain offences and the powers of police officer for search and seizure

Section 116 – Evidence of origin of goods imported by sea

Section 117 – Costs of defence or prosecution

Section 118 – Limitation of prosecution

Section 119 – Information as to commission of offence

Section 120 – Punishment of abetment in India of acts done out of India

Section 121 – Instructions of Central Government as to permissible variation to be observed by criminal courts

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